WinPcap user's manual


 Exported functions
 Filtering expression syntax
 Using WinPcap in your programs

Detailed Description

This section contains the user manual of wpcap.dll, the dynamic library that contains the public WinPcap API. wpcap.dll exports a set of system-independent functions for packet capture and network analysis. These functions can be used to:

wpcap.dll is compatible with libpcap, the well known packet capture library for Unix. This compatibility means that one can develop portable network tools that will run on the Win32 OS family and on all of the major Unix flavors.

Several portions of the manual present in this section derive directly from the man pages of tcpdump and libpcap, maintained by the developers. Therefore, if you are looking for updated docs, you can consult the web site


Some functions are marked deprecated or discouraged. The meanings of these labels are:

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