WinPcap tutorial: a step by step guide to using WinPcap

This section shows how to use the features of the WinPcap API. It is organized as a tutorial, subdivided into a set of lessons that will introduce the reader, in a step-by-step fashion, to program development using WinPcap, from the basic functions (obtaining the adapter list, starting a capture, etc.) to the most advanced ones (handling send queues and gathering statistics about network traffic).

Several code snippets, as well as simple but complete programs are provided as a reference: all of the source code contains links to the rest of the manual, making it is possible to click on functions and data structures to jump to the corresponding documentation.

The samples are written in plain C, so a basic knowledge of C programming is required. Also, since this is a tutorial about a library dealing with "raw" networking packets, good knowledge of networks and network protocols is assumed.

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