WinPcap Contributors

The Members of the WinPcap Team Are

  • Gianluca Varenni, team leader, developer and maintainer. Gianluca is the hardcore, evil side of WinPcap: blame him if your patches are refused, or if releases are delayed. Thank him if WinPcap is so stable. Gianluca is responsible for the whole WinPcap development cycle, from bug fixing to release management and testing. Of course, he is one of the main code developers too.
  • Loris Degioanni, developer. He's been the first WinPcap developer and maintainer, starting in 1999, and he's still having fun with this project. Loris is one of the main programmers, and regularly contributes with interesting new bugs. He's the author of the WinPcap documentation, developer's pack and website.
  • Fulvio Risso, developer, elder. He was among the WinPcap founders in 1999, and he's been the lead of the project for several years. He is responsible for the remote capture part.
  • John Bruno, reviewer and advisor. He brings his experience to the project by advising the group with respect to technical choices and project directions and by fixing English excursions.

To contact the WinPcap team, for non-technical reasons, send an email to winpcap-team [at] If instead you have technical questions or bug reports, please use the WinPcap mailing lists.

Additional Contributors:

  • Piero Viano, the first porting of libpcap and tcpdump to Windows was done as part of his graduation thesis at the Politecnico di Torino.
  • Navin Pai, developer of the Windows CE version.
  • Gianpiero Alberelli and Fabio Magliano, packet driver development contributors - Windows NT (1997-1998)
  • Antonio Lantieri and Giovanni Meo, packet driver development contributors - Windows 95 (1997-1998)

Past Project Sponsors:

WinPcap Enhancements

AirPcap®: 802.11 Wireless Packet Capture Device


  • View management, control and data frames in Wireshark
  • Plug & play 802.11 a/b/g/n capture
  • Multi-channel aggregation
  • USB form factor

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TurboCap Gigabit Capture Card

  • Full-speed GigE capture and injection
  • Port aggregation
  • Pass-thru mode
  • Aggregating tap
  • Exported interfaces
  • TurboCap API developer's pack
  • Sample applications like "dump-to-disk" for high-speed capture to disk

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