[pcap-ng-format] New block types to save the result of analysing a capture(Port map)

Anders Broman a.broman at bredband.net
Sat Jun 2 03:25:24 PDT 2012

It could be useful to have pcap-ng blocks to save information across 
analysis sessions such as which protocol
is to be dissected for UDP/TCP/SCTP/.../ packets to/from a port 
combination especially if the packets forming the
basis for determining that is no longer in the trace e.i filtered out. 
There might also be a need for vendor specified
blocks to save information in a form specific to a analysis tool such as 

How about specifying a block similar to the address resolution block 
listing containing:
Carrier protocol (UDP) IP A Port A IP B PORT B Destination protocol RTP

One problem is the protocol names, is a registry needed? String or 
number representation? etc..



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