[Winpcap-users] Getting protocol from IPv4 header

Ravi Sankar s_rsy at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 1 05:10:43 GMT 2005

Hi Eric,

If you are using C/C++ here is the method.

/* IPv4 header */
typedef struct ip_header{
	u_char	ver_ihl;		// Version (4 bits) + Internet
header length (4 bits)
	u_char	tos;			// Type of service 
	u_short tlen;			// Total length 
	u_short identification; // Identification
	u_short flags_fo;		// Flags (3 bits) + Fragment
offset (13 bits)
	u_char	ttl;			// Time to live
	u_char	proto;			// Protocol
	u_short crc;			// Header checksum
	ip_address	saddr;		// Source address
	ip_address	daddr;		// Destination address
	u_int	op_pad;			// Option + Padding

Above is the IP Header typecast the packet received to
this object and you can get the Protocol type. Sample

	ip_header *l_pIpHeader = NULL;

         /* pkt_data is the pointer to unsigned char
which points to the received packet.*/
	/* retireve the position of the ip header */
	l_pIpHeader = (ip_header *) (pkt_data +
		14); //length of ethernet header

	/* Now l_pIpHeader->proto contains the protocol

Regarding protocol headers you can refer to
http://www.networksorcery.com - A Very good site for
protocol details.

Hope this helps

--- Eric Hansen <nightskywriter at gmail.com> wrote:

> Can someone help me get the protocol type from the
> IPv4 header? I need to 
> get this to test out my filter-part, and Google'ing
> doesn't give me anything 
> useful.
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