[Winpcap-users] Distribute Winpcap Files with my app

Loris Degioanni loris.degioanni at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 20:08:40 GMT 2005

This will never work.
WinPcap is not only a library: it contains several modules, including a 
kernel driver.
With dlls, you can easily have private copies, that you put in the 
directory of your application, and that don't interact at all with other 
tools. The driver, on the other side, is shared by all the winpcap-based 
applications, and requires to be loaded inside the operating system with 
a proper procedure, so it's not just a matter of copying it in the right 
Moreover, WinPcap is multiplatform, therefore we have different binaries 
for the variuos Windows flavours.
As a consequence, our installer is quite complicated, and takes care of:

- detecting and removing old versions of WinPcap (otherwise it's 
impossible to install the new driver)
- detecting the operating system
- copying the dlls for the OS in the system folder
- installing and starting the proper driver for the OS

We used to offer a "silent installer", but we're discontinuing it for a 
number of technical and non-technical reasons. Meanwhile we're working 
on better ways to "OEM" WinPcap into applications. Until they are ready, 
I suggest you to just embed the standard winpcap installer, like many 
applications (including Ethereal) do.


Eric Hansen wrote:
> If you are just using WPcap (and not Packet.DLL functions also), just 
> include "wpcap.dll" (which is in your Windows\system folder I believe).  
> If you are using Packet.DLL functions, than you must also include the 
> "packet.dll" also.
> On 8/4/05, *Nick Koranda* <nkk at eml.cc <mailto:nkk at eml.cc>> wrote:
>     I want to include the Winpcap files with my application.  I would
>     like to avoid having my setup program run and then launching a
>     winpcap setup program.  What files do I need to distribute with my
>     application to make winpcap function correctly?  Which ones do I
>     need to register?
>     Thanks a lot
>     Nick Koranda
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