[Winpcap-users] Mirroring and winpcap

Cristian Gallas cristian.gallas at ivirtua.com.br
Sun Aug 14 19:16:34 GMT 2005

    Hi all,
    I have a application develop with winpcap, works great, until today that
i get a strange behaviour, reading some winpcap documentation i think that i
understand my problem, the problem is, i get a dell switch with port
mirroring, make a port mirror to some computer with two network adapters, in
second adapter are my program attached in network adapter, but i cannot see
anything, only spanning tree packets, i think is because is not on
promiscuous mode, but pcap_open are set correctly for promiscuos. I think
that is a limitation from winpcap, until install ethereal that see all
traffic in the same computer same adapter, same mirroring, but i need mark
on promiscuous mode, analysing stuff read from my tool i compare with
ethereal without promiscuo and are correctly, my program is receiving only
non promiscuous stuff. Ok, the question is? Why ethereal works great reading
all tcp traffic and my program with the same code on pcap_open doesnt!! :(
    Any help, i think that exist two solution, one a way to fix adapter for
promiscuous, and some code to use when my program open adapter, i look the
ethereal source code, i cannot found anything that explain to me this
    Maybe some guy has experience with sniffer mirroring traffic? What is
Spanning tree traffic?
    Thanx all
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