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There could be a number of reasons for this low performance.

Have you tried pinging a host on the other side of your gateway and see the RTT for the reply? One reason could be the latency introduced in the capture process by WinPcap, in order to achieve better capture performance (i.e. a higher number of captured packets). In particular, you can try to lower the timeout in pcap_open_xxx and the mintocopy value (with pcap_setmintocopy). This should improve the responsiveness of the capture process, at the expense of a higher CPU load.

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  I’m trying to develop GW application using WinPCap library.

  My target pc has two Ethernet interfaces.

  What I want to do now is just forward every packet in one interface to the other.

  Thus I capture every packet (but, I do not use promiscuous option) and send it by opposite interface.

  The problem is in performance.

  The local network in my environment has 100Mbps speed, but my application just shows 60Kbps in FTP application… ^^

  I use two window threads for each interface and pcap_loop() for packet capturing and sending.

  Are there any comments for increasing performance?


  Cholmin Kim



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