RES: [Winpcap-users] Mirroring and winpcap

Cristian Gallas cristian.gallas at
Sun Aug 28 23:27:30 GMT 2005

> >     I have a application develop with winpcap, works great, until 
> > today that i get a strange behaviour, reading some winpcap 
> > documentation i think that i understand my problem, the 
> problem is, i 
> > get a dell switch with port mirroring, make a port mirror to some 
> > computer with two network adapters, in second adapter are 
> my program 
> > attached in network adapter, but i cannot see anything, 
> only spanning 
> > tree packets, i think is because is not on promiscuous mode, but 
> > pcap_open are set correctly for promiscuos.
> Could you send us the part of your code that's calling 
> "pcap_open()", so we can see how it's setting promiscuous mode?

	Look the code, the only reference I use to brings promiscuous mode,
is the [1] on parameter to pcap_open, if need do something difference, maybe
is my mistake.

      FAdapter := pcap_open(PChar(l_Device),
        WTAP_MAX_PACKET_SIZE, // Capture entire packet //
        1, // Promiscuous mode      //
        20, // Read timeout          //
        @l_auth, // Autenticação remota   //

	Thanx for the help!

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