[Winpcap-users] question about send packets

Loris Degioanni loris.degioanni at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 17:31:13 GMT 2005

Wireless adapters are always a pain with WinPcap, essentially because
for the moment the Windows kernel doesn't support them at all (the NIC
drivers normally emulate Ethernet in order to work).

First: some wireless adapters are not supported at all by WinPcap. There
is a pretty complete list at
http://www.micro-logix.com/WinPcap/Supported.asp, that you can use to
understand if yours works.

Second: as you can see from the list, some adapters work with
workarounds. The best known are disabling promiscuous mode or updating
to some particular version of the NIC driver.

Third: transmit is normally a lot less tested by people than receive. I
suggest you first to check if capture works (you can use a tool like
WinDump), and then try pcap_sendpacket().


jiang aimme wrote:
> I have too adapters.One for wire,another for wireless.
> I use pcap_sendpacket for send packets with the wire adapter and I 
> succeeded .But I failed
> to send packets with the wireless adapter in the same way.
> Please tell me why?
> Do pcap_sendpacket support wireless adapter?
> thanks in advance.
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