[Winpcap-users] Problem capturing packets without timeout

MARCELOT at terra.es MARCELOT at terra.es
Mon Nov 14 17:07:23 GMT 2005

Hi all:

I'm trying to capture packets without time-out, in other 
words, I like to receive the packet as soon as it is received. When I 
use pcap_open with timeout it works well, but with time-out. When I use 
pcap_open with timeout 0 and after that pcap_next_ex, I don't receive 
any packet.
I use:
adhandle= pcap_open(d->name,65536,0,0,NULL,errbuf);
res=pcap_next_ex (adhandle,&header,(const unsigned char **)
But it doesn't work. What i'm doing bad ?
Thanks in 

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