[Winpcap-users] problems with PocketCE

Miroslav Koval koval at student.tugraz.at
Sun Nov 20 19:07:46 GMT 2005


I'm trying to use WinPcap(pocketCE) for Windows CE, (HP Ipaq and Jornada),  
but I'm not lucky with it.
When I compile files in zip, I get 3 files (driver.dll, packet32.dll,  
myappl.exe). I put the DLL files into Windows system directory but it  
doesn't work.

I searched, where is problem.
I think it's a problem in a driver. When I try to get  
PacketGetAdapterNames, I
receive FALSE. PacketGetAdapterNames calls function Createfile, where first
parameter is PKT0: . It is a value in Registry. but, it isn't there. can I  
add this value? (HKLM->Drivers, there are two folders: BuildIn and Active)
How, where and what key, value,...?
Can someone tell me a sequence of things I have to do?


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