[Winpcap-users] Filter Problem

Deston High mqx at low-axs.net
Sat Nov 26 23:20:58 GMT 2005

Guy Harris wrote:

> Deston High wrote:
>> hmm... thats a problem. the program i write shouldn't run only on 
>> pc's which are use PPPOE. :(
>> Any workaround?
> 1) Download the WinPcap source, update its BPF compiler to the version 
> in the current top-of-CVS-tree version of libpcap (which is not in any 
> libpcap release or WinPcap release), compile the new WinPcap and 
> replace wpcap.dll with the one you built, and then use
>     pppoes and tcp and port 60000
> as the filter if you're interested only in traffic running over the 
> PPPoE connection.
> 2) See if there's a PPP device on which you can capture, and try 
> capturing on that rather than on the Ethernet on which that PPP device 
> is running.

that would be a very good variant if it would only pppoe! but it isn't. :(
It should running on any protocol which running over ethernet (at least 
most of them) or only ethernet (if on LAN).
Ok. I tell you what i try to do. I code a scanner. Which, atm, works 
great (just the fact with my prob) and in order to get all the 
additional header (like pppoe, etc) i copy them from a (fake)packet i 
sent with rawsocket (winsock).
(it was the easiest way for me). Atm, the scanner is damn fast! ...big 
thx to libpcap/winpcap!!!
With my workaround the coding style looks bad. And it is.

is it possible to use a filter like this: "pppoe or ether or xxx and tcp 
and port 60000". should work, right?

>> Oh, i see was indeed a bad example.. in the program it 
>> isn't a LAN IP, it's the internet IP.
>> So lets say it's and its is also the source IP. so 
>> it's FROM. ("src host") ;-)
>> And, YES, i capture on ethernet.
> "On Ethernet" doesn't indicate whether the traffic is 
> IP-directly-over-Ethernet or IP-over-PPP-over-Ethernet.  Is the 
> traffic you're capturing with the "src host" filter running on 
> IP-directly-over-Ethernet or is it running on IP-over-PPP-over-Ethernet.

I capture on ethernet device (NIC) . so, for me it's definitive 

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