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paul wils funcy333 at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Nov 28 05:26:15 GMT 2005

Dear sir:
      I found a wireless cardbus adapter that can be in promiscouous mode,(from http://www.micro-logix.com/WinPcap/Supported.asp),it is SMC 2835W,when I install the adapter's driver  and winpcap3.1, I found I can capture the all local packets(data and non-data packets),but I can only capture non-data packets from other wireless adapter in the access point field,not data packets!!!   
    I think that something in promiscuous configuration must be wrong, so I ask the branch of SMC company in my country,but they said they would never develop that function at all, :(((
so, if somebody have some ideas ,make me set the promiscuous mode with this SMC adapter or.. other adapter suitable for 802.11g,b , pls don't hesitate to tell me ,thanks a lot!!!!!! !!!
Any help will be very much appreciated.

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