[Winpcap-users] incomplete list in PacketGetAdapterNames

Michal Szostakiewicz creed at tls.pl
Tue Nov 29 17:13:06 GMT 2005

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005, Loris Degioanni wrote:

> Try to do a:
> "net stop npf"
> and then run your winpcap application again. This forces the driver to be 
> reladed, and tells us if there is some bug in the plug & play code.

OK, my previous information seems a little bit incomplete.

First of all I've got most of my problems under Windows 98 [but not only]. 
That's why i cannot run 'net stop npf', I think.

It turned out the list is actually not incomplete, it just lacks some 
Device Description names [ie. the name is an empty string].

It is alse the case that I have two devices with the same name "semwl". 
First of them has an empty Description, the other's is
"Sony Ericsson Wireless WAN Adapter".

What I really want to do is open the first one - which is propably the 
WLAN adapter [or maybe not?].

Also when I try to open [PacketOpenAdapter] I get Error 2 [ENOFILE].

I heard that there might be a problem if you use different adapters under 
windows 98. Maybe this is the case?


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