[Winpcap-users] TCP/IP stack reassembly

Thomas O'Hare Tom at RedTile.Com
Mon Aug 14 22:50:50 GMT 2006


I will go out on a limb here and anyone else is free to jump in...

The nature of TCP/IP is a "connection oriented" protocol.  Which mean a
real connection exists between 2 hosts.  If the protocol stack is
anywhere near what it should be, then if there are problems with packets
the sending host is supposed to resend the problem data.

So trying to recover and re-assemble packets seems to me to be
defeating, or at least making a lot more work for something that is
supposed to be done for you anyway by the stack.

If I totally missed the boat, then please explain a little further.

But it is late here, I am tired and so I am at a loss as to why you want
to work so hard...

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Accounts wrote:
> Hi All,
>    I believe this question was asked before without a clear answer. Is
> there a definite or a standard way/library of reassembling the tcp/ip
> stack from the sniffed packets?
>    I wanted to write one myself but the biggest problem that I have
> faced is debugging, is there a software out there that can simulate
> sending packets on demand (like fragmented and oob...) so that it could
> aid in the development and debugging of a code that does the reassembly?
>    Thank you all.
>    Ralph.
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