[Winpcap-users] Announcing the release of AirPcap

Loris Degioanni loris.degioanni at cacetech.com
Thu Aug 24 00:46:16 GMT 2006

It is a pleasure for me to announce the release of a new product from 
CACE Technologies: the AirPcap Wireless Capture Adapter for Windows.

This is our initial product announcement since Gerald Combs, the creator 
of Wireshark (formerly Ethereal), joined CACE Technologies in May of 
this year. AirPcap is the first Open Source friendly, affordable and 
easy to deploy WLAN (802.11b/g) packet capture solution for the Windows 
platform. AirPcap comes as a USB 2.0 adapter, and has been fully 
integrated with Wireshark, WinDump and WinPcap. AirPcap enables Open 
Source tools you already know well to analyze 802.11b/g wireless 
traffic, including control frames, management frames and power 
information. All of this can be done from your Windows laptop, with 
minimal installation and configuration effort.

The AirPcap solution is a good example of the CACE Technologies 
philosophy: we invest in continuous improvements to our Open Source 
tools, and at the same time provide individual and commercial users with 
products that enhance the scope of the usefulness of these tools.

More details about AirPcap can be found at the following address:


I hope that AirPcap will be a useful aid as you work on designing, 
troubleshooting and maintaining the security of your wireless networks.

Loris Degioanni
and the CACE Technologies team

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