[Winpcap-users] winpcap sends packets double (or libpcap receives 'm double)

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Thu Aug 31 11:11:38 GMT 2006

Tiemen Schut wrote:
> Now, the problem. At first I didn't even think this could happen, but
> it does. I receive packets twice!

I am pretty sure Ethernet is not reliable -- i.e., your packets can be
either dropped *or duplicated* while on the wire or being processed in
the NIC.  This would have nothing to do with WinPcap or libpcap or the
network driver on either end; it'd be a property of the medium.

I know IP and UDP are not reliable; both of them can drop or duplicate
packets.  I believe 802.11 is *supposed* to be reliable, but since IP
and UDP don't care, and TCP explicitly corrects for dropped or doubled
packets, I doubt anyone relies on that.  I'm not sure about 802.3 though.

In any case, it seems that requiring a protocol to be reliable that
explicitly claims not to be (i.e., IP or UDP) is a pretty bad idea.
Perhaps it would be better to use TCP to send and receive your data,
instead of winpcap and libpcap?  Not sure on your requirements, though.
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