[Winpcap-users] My Problem at Interpreting the packets

Mesut Timur mesut_timur at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 13 09:46:52 GMT 2006

Hi everyone
I have a problem at Interpreting the packets [WinPcap tutorial: a step by 
step guide to using WinPcap] tutorial.
When i compile the code at this tutorial also can be found at 
It is working as:
11:39:32.981098 len:86 ->
11:39:32.994606 len:211 ->
11:39:42.197688 len:356 ->
First; is local are interface of my router; and is the ip of the wide area interface of my router; which has 
been assigned by my ISP. is the dns server's ip of my ISP.
And there isn't any different ip while sniffing.For example; when i am 
connecting www.winpcap.org []; it doesn't show that ip at 
sniffin window.
So i wonder what is the problem about the code; how can i sniff all the 
traphic.I am waiting for your answers.
Mesut Timur

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