[Winpcap-users] opening more than one adapters..

신동훈 jimmy_2000 at naver.com
Thu Dec 14 11:34:16 GMT 2006

is it possibe to open several adapters simutaneously in an process??(my application has 4 threads for each adapter)
i'm developing some sniffing tools and my machine has 4 ethernet adapters.
so i want to open all of adapters.
i want to capture packets from each adapter.
but on windows 2000 server, it shows critical fault and then my machine had been rebooted.
i wonder whether my code is stupid or opening more than one adapter is impossible.
is there anybody who has same experience ??
best regrads, jimmy.
새로운 기부문화의 씨앗, 해피빈!
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