[Winpcap-users] SharpPcap as wrapper

GefRaitaSep at uboot.com GefRaitaSep at uboot.com
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Thanks for your answer for my "exotic" question in this mailing-list!

The categorization of EthernetPackets was my first problem with AirpCap and SharpPcap. When I changed the values in LinkLayer.cs and LinkLayers.cs the protcolos could be received correctly. For any interested person I posted the values in the SharpPcap forum where I haven´t got any solution for my problem. (http://www.codeproject.com/cs/internet/sharppcap.asp >> Thread "AirpCap packets")

Now, after analyzing the receipt of packets in Wireshark and SharpPcap (bytestreams are difficult to understand ;-)) I recognized that the "faulty" packet fragments of SharpPcap are ignored by Wireshark. Therefore, everything works correct!

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> I think the problem is that SharpPcap does not have any knowledge of the 
> radiotap link layer, and reverts to the default ethernet header when it 
> doesn't know the link layer.
> In particular, I think you should have a look at the SharpPcap sources, and 
> modify the file LinkLayer.cs (at least).
> Have a nice day
> GV
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>> Hello!
>> I know it´s not the best position to post here a question about SharpPcap 
>> the .NET-Wrapper of winpcap, but for SharpPcap doesn´t exist no forum nor 
>> mailing list and I thought some .NET experts using winpcap and sharppcap 
>> could hopefully answer my question.
>> As mentioned I´m using SharpPcap in my C# app. Since I´m trying to use 
>> AirpCap I found out that pcapDataLink and dataLinkLength and 
>> protocolOffset seems to be wrong for 802.11 packets from AirPcap. But the 
>> real problem is I´m receiving packets with 38 byte length from SharpPcap 
>> altough radiotap and 802.11 header should both have 24 byte (and Airpcap 
>> is should receive them because of my settings). In contrary to this, 
>> wireshark shows correct packets.
>> Does anybody know something about this problem?
>> Best regards, Bernhard
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