[Winpcap-users] Good (internal) wireless cards.

Eric Hansen nightskywriter at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 03:11:49 GMT 2006

Best bet is to basically google around some, with queries such as:

WinPCap supported internal wireless card

and stuff like that...if you're not picky, and can do external, D-Link
DWL-G122 works perfect for me...

However, your post sounds like you're trying to use WinPCap on a Linux
OS...why?  WinPCap is Windows NT, 2000, XP only...not sure about 9x, but

If you want to have the functionality of WPC in Linux, use libpcap...

On 7/3/06, Neil <neil at voidfx.net> wrote:
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> I'm looking into buying a new laptop.  I'm not too particular over most
> of the hardware, as long as it is good, except for the wireless card.
> So I'm looking for advice on good internal wireless cards that are well
> supported by WinPcap.  I tend to dual boot with Linux as well, so if you
> know that the card works well there too, that's a bonus.
> Currently I have an Intel Centrino with a Intel 2100 Mini PCI card, and
> I've tried to get the thing to sniff, even recompiled my kernel in Linux
> with the latest ipw2100 drivers, all to no avail; despite Intel's claim
> that they support it...
> Anyways.  Any suggestions to prevent a repeat?
> Thanks.
> - -Neil.
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