[Winpcap-users] Adapting WinPcap’s functionality for connecting to Wi-Fi access points (APs).

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Thu Jul 13 22:46:57 GMT 2006

George S. Lockwood wrote:
> Say, do you happen to have the direct link to wpa_supplicant site?
> On 7/13/06, George S. Lockwood <gslockwood at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey thanks.
>> Just so I'm sure the wpa_supplicant's Windows port you mention is 
>> using the NIC to provide connectivity...it's not a device driver 
>> itself, right?
>> thanks again,
>> george

No, wpa_supplicant is not a driver.  (WinPcap is, but I think you
already knew that.)  It's a userspace program that you can either run
directly, or install as a service and run that way.  This:


is the current URL.  Near the end of that page, there's a set of steps
that happen when you associate with a wireless LAN; the PacketRequest
API is used for the following steps:

- wpa_supplicant requests the kernel driver to scan neighboring BSSes
- wpa_supplicant requests the kernel driver to associate with the chosen BSS
- wpa_supplicant configures encryption keys for unicast and broadcast

There's another option in NDIS for the initial association, too --
wpa_supplicant can program in an SSID and security settings, and let the
card associate with any matching AP (this is used when connecting to an
AP that doesn't include an SSID IE in its beacons).

Also, I'm pretty sure that the WinPcap packet-send and -capture API is
used during the following steps:

- if WPA-EAP: integrated IEEE 802.1X Supplicant completes EAP
authentication with the authentication server (proxied by the
Authenticator in the AP)
- If WPA-EAP: master key is received from the IEEE 802.1X Supplicant
- wpa_supplicant completes WPA 4-Way Handshake and Group Key Handshake
with the Authenticator (AP)

This is not PacketRequest (I don't think), but it is WinPcap.
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