[Winpcap-users] Question regarding sending packets

ahsan askari ahsanaskari at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 01:47:40 GMT 2006

I am implementing a simple network firewall for my dissertation. My firewall
application will sit on the internal network gateway which has two
interfaces (via vmware). My application will pick packets from external
interface, take some decision by consulting ACL and send the packet on to
the internal network.
I planned to use winpcap for picking up the packet and libnet to send the
packet on internal network. I have tested winpcap and it is working fine.
But the problem is I am not able to setup libnet on windows properly. I can
also use winpcap to forward packets but I suppose that libnet has much
better interface than winpcap for sending packets. Could anybody please tell
me how could I use libnet on windows or should I use winpcap ?

Also, If someone know about any prebuilt traffic generator. I want to use
one to test different scenerios for my firewall.
thank you

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