[Winpcap-users] winpcap functions

Shadow shadow at automate.biz.ua
Wed Jul 26 13:47:37 GMT 2006

Hey, guyz.

I'm developing a device driver(in DDK).
And need some features from winpcap.

I have an application(in C) that I'm going to include in the driver.
It does everything I need about networking using winpcap.

All that is done using these 5 functions: pcap_findalldevices,
pcap_open_live, pcap_freealldevs, pcap_next_ex and pcap_sendpacket.

I really don't want to include winpcap driver(NPF) in my driver.

So, I'm wondering is it possible to take these functions from winpcap
driver source and place in my driver?

Does winpcap provide any other processing routines for these functions
or it just passes the arguments to corresponding ndis function?
e.g. pcap_sendpacket to NdisSent?

How hard would it be?

Thank you.

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