[Winpcap-users] How to develop a tool with winpcap

Vasily Borovyak vbor at isd.dp.ua
Fri Jul 28 05:53:52 GMT 2006

First of all you can find many examples of 'developing tools' on the 
winpcap.org. Just make an effort to take a look.

Second thing.
pcap_send() does not take 50% of CPU if used well. It is most probably 
the problem of your code.
If it is okay you can send your code directly to me and I'll try to 
review it. Let's not litter the mailing list.

Thai Pham Vinh wrote:
> Dear all,
> Maybe my question is stupid one but I hope someone will answer it. I want to develop a
> small tool to transmit a packet every 200ms. The timing problem is very critical. Does
> winpcap provide a fast transmission?
> I tried once and also saw that it comsumed about 50% system CPU. I don't know if it was
> because the pcap_send function was called repeatedly.
> Thanks so much,
> Thai
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