[Winpcap-users] Vista Wireless Architecture

Coombes, Kenneth kcoombes at necunified.com
Fri Jul 28 22:17:14 GMT 2006

I understand that capturing 802.11 frames in promiscuous mode in Windows
is tricky because of the way Windows NDIS drivers work and maybe other
reasons that go above my head.  This makes using WinPCap+Wireshark
frustrating in Windows.  However having read about the complete wireless
re-architecture in Vista that includes "native driver" support (whatever
that means, and see link below) I was wondering if anyone has tested
whether Vista with WinPcap3.x or 4.x will overcome this previous




Or put another way, I have not read anything on your site specifically
supporting Vista currently or in the future (only a snippet that 3.1 may
work).  How about giving us a glimpse of what is in development or
planned for WinPcap to take advantage of these architecture changes, (if
indeed there is any relevance to WinPCap)?  Pardon my lack of technical
understanding of drivers.


Kind regards,



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