[Winpcap-users] Problem with automatic modification of the length/type field of mac frames

Eduardo Escudero Sánchez edu.kungfu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 22:20:10 GMT 2006

The problem is that i dont use the winpcap library to send packets, i use
packet.dll. To be more precise, i use the packetsendpacket function and i
pass to it the frame already set up as an array of bytes. I've seen the code
of PacketSendPacket and its only an invocation of kernel32.dll WriteFile
function so it should be something with relationship of teh operative system
maybe,what do you think? i really need to get this problem solved , can you
imagine what could be happening?

2006/7/30, Guy Harris <guy at alum.mit.edu>:
> Eduardo Escudero Sánchez wrote:
> > I have a program which constructs MAC frames and sometimees i have to
> > build frames with the length field set to a value less than the data
> > field length (because i have to add a pad to the data
> You do?  Are you certain that the network adapter driver, or any common
> 802.3 code it uses, won't do the padding for you?
> Try sending the frame with no padding, and with the "size" argument to
> pcap_inject() or pcap_sendpacket() being the original data size.
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