[Winpcap-users] Re:Is it possible to use the wincap as the Tx/Rx datapath of my own TCP/IP protocol stack?

sarganar sarganar at fullzero.com.ar
Tue Jun 6 16:13:00 GMT 2006

I was using uIP stack (found in Adam site too) for the last two years (using an embedded version in a Freescale micro and a Windows version for debugging porpouses). This year a boy release another window porting, using (too) winpcap dll in the network module.
Check It!

But when I migrate to Windows XP I had problems.
I use some uIP process runnig in the same machine (in DOS concoles each one), talking via TCP/IP sockets (it emulates differents micros in the real world). Each one has his own 'virtual IP', and take/put packets from winpcap (working in promiscuo mode).
The problem is when I unplug the network-cable. XP 'disconnect' the net service o something. I dont know. My uIP nodes cant talk anymore! Ping say me 'Hardware Error'.
Of course, ping loopback and ping to the real NIC IP works fine. But I dont need that.
I try IPForwarding, Disable MediaSense capability, but without sucess.

What happens with the net sevices?

I'm afraid I must to back to Win98, when things works fine.

PD: sorry about the top-posting

Cordoba - Argentina

*Gianluca Varenni wrote:


Just a couple of notes regarding your problem:
1. lwIP (http://www.sics.se/~adam/lwip/ <http://www.sics.se/%7Eadam/lwip/>) uses WinPcap (as far as I remember well) to work under Windows.
2. Apart from the problem of coexistence with the standard TCP/IP stack explained on the other replies, consider that you may have performance/latency issues using WinPcap: WinPcap has been created with high performance capture in mind, sometimes at the expense of a higher latency while receiving packets.

Have a nice day

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      I am developing an network enable embedded device. I need to setup a simulation environment to test my TCP/IP protocol stack in windows. 
  1. Can I use the winpcap as my network driver(winpcap can get/send the packet to ethernet chip) to connect with my TCP/IP protocol?  
  2. Can my TCP/IP protocol coexist with microsoft's winsock and work normally? If no, how can I turn off the winsock to let the network chip just works for my TCP/IP protocol stack? 



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