[Winpcap-users] TCP/IP stack reassembly

sarganar sarganar at fullzero.com.ar
Tue Jun 20 15:23:23 GMT 2006

Have you take a look at Sharpcap, in The Code Project web?
http://www.codeproject.com/csharp/sharppcap.asp   . It's programming in C#

Or try with Hercules CTCI-W32 tuntap dlls (always using winpcap)

good luck!


Ramiro Polla wrote:
> Hello,
> I have seen many e-mails regarding the subject of TCP/IP stack reassembly.
> Some suggest lwIP (or uIP), which seems to create a device with full 
> send/recv stack capabilities.
> libnids has also been suggested, but it doesn't seem to be going very 
> well for win32.
> Is there a known library (which sniffing programs might use) that does 
> this reassembly knowing that it will be only sniffing, so there's no 
> need to ack packets and such?
> Or is this wheel re-invented for every sniffing program?.
> Thanks,
> Ramiro Polla

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