[Winpcap-users] Problem with PacketGetAdapterNames

Gonze Didier Didier.Gonze at thomson.net
Wed Jun 21 09:43:17 GMT 2006

Using Ethereal I was receiving the following message: 


Can't get list of interfaces: PacketGetAdapterNames: There are no more
files. (18)


>From the Ethereal site I've read the advice to try with WinDump in order
to see if the problem was linked with Ethereal or WinPCap:


Running WinDump.exe -D I receive the first time as expected the name of
the interface:


 1.\Device\NPF_GenericDialupAdapter (Generic dialup adapter)

2.\Device\NPF_{2ADF974F-F3C9-48FF-97E2-3C261938FA9A} (Dell draadloze
1350 WLAN Mini-PCI kaart (Microsoft's Packet Sche

duler) )

3.\Device\NPF_{889EBB8E-FD12-4D35-AB19-BF61DF1BCA73} (NOC Extranet
Access Adapter (Microsoft's Packet Scheduler) )

4.\Device\NPF_{EA1435B5-323F-40A0-A2EA-DEB99F70041F} (Broadcom NetXtreme
Gigabit Ethernet Driver (Microsoft's Packet S

cheduler) )


The second time all the interfaces are gone but I receive a message that
the command is correctly applied:


WinDump.exe: PacketGetAdapterNames: The operation completed
successfully. (0)


This test is done with WinPCap 3.1

Only after a reboot of the PC I receive back the correct interface.


My conclusion is thus that the problem is located in WinPCap


The Ethereal test were done with 3.1, 3.1 beta4 and 4.0 alpha1.

My guess: is that  the problem has been introduced when I've go from
WinPCap 3.0 to WinPCap 3.1 beta4 but now when I install WinPCap 3.1
there is still some part of the the beta version which are not



Can you help me?




Didier Gonze

Project Management



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