[Winpcap-users] Circular buffer

Loris Degioanni loris.degioanni at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 15:46:48 GMT 2006

Ioan Popescu wrote:

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> I have a couple of questions concerning the circular buffer:
> 1. Is there an API call to determine whether any packets were dropped?
> Whether it's because the buffer overflowed or some other reason. Ethereal
> seems to be able to do this. I'm testing using "raw" packets, so Ethereal
> can't simply look at a counter in the packet and tell whether any were dropped.


> 2. According to the documentation, the circular buffer should overwrite the
> older packets with the latest "wire" packets while at the same time serving
> the oldest available packets to the application. Is my understanding correct?

The driver overwrites a packet only after it's been "consumed" by the 
application. If the application is stuck, the driver starts dropping 
packets when it reaches the tail of the buffer.

> 3. I have noticed something peculiar related to kernel memory size and CPU
> usage. As I increase the kernel (and user) buffer, the % CPU usage of my
> test application goes up. I'm testing this using Task Manager. The test
> application stays the same, it uses a command line argument to set the
> memory size. It also works on the same set of data. What reason's might
> there be for such behavior?

How big is the buffer that you set?
The driver allocates this buffer from the nonpaged memory pool, and 
setting it to a very big size could impact on the OS performance. Other 
than that, the only reason why changing the size of the buffers could 
slow your application down is caching issues.


> My test is this: "Raw" packets are being sent from a sending station as fast
> as possible (benchmark tests). My test application simply checks the
> packet's source MAC and a "counter" to manually check for dropped/missed
> packets. I've disabled TCP/IP on the network adapter and this is an isolated
> network, so there shouldn't be any other traffic to interfere.
> Receiving System:
> WinPCap 4.0 alpha 1 (same problem with 3.1)
> WinXP Home SP2
> Celeron D - 2.8GHz
> 512MB PC2700 DDR
> 100Base-TX network
> Version: GnuPG v1.4.2.2 (MingW32)
> AdAlH7rKFLJNGg4LZk56mpJiTytq94uwI5D+kKs6IaAgXXRFvxW57PYobn3Nqg3b
> H5Clww0rfGleQOMeYplYDITvkrmK1izloYLLghJp03KUX0l4CR5/4+I5TGxFyrgw
> 1KP46ctzk1c8Jf3gGQGBGbrSgP/8WfGvMLNEaEbxEBDIKdUi/dR2Agf8mHAkpcl8
> 79ROePkgLbbg6GKiCdhfbcp+vobz1DaGt4icM4Ejka3nCvJJQv+lRaAoWd9n7wDr
> ppBbgNy6IDk//Tx7fSd4fPBkBpLm7jxxlniPZNPRX4Z33tDFsi3N3KeVi1E/o07u
> gqLauotpMb0Ajwr7x530QLh7Foin2fM5msuSoUL6++8CipInr9qq7ZnRyvQkvVxD
> BKXYkddLCQ6zxAE7SMrfRPst/3uSlHO5DHgIS1Ou66VB3bFXuU9Jm//Q2GVbeJZH
> 5N2dHFAz8+TeMq5EVgaa7rDTwdB3svCCKN9p0p/efDb55bz0ViS8NUJxQH5zMate
> 3Ib/fgcSSA8C0pkiPUZ3yAquwsl1ZTl+sEZpemGPIdroTVRADwpe9dta/p1pgiTv
> k3O6uRsZmkXau2uSyW5QaEuX3Flb+L0BnMi8CV86+Iz9YliPUt1XgBqZQKslKaJs
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