[Winpcap-users] timming analisy

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jun 30 19:17:35 GMT 2006

Ricardo Santos wrote:

> how to enable logging trace (dump to disc directy) on winpcap or windump 
> ? i need windump for timming analisy real-time traffic, the current 
> timming is "false", i need the true times (whe the packts  come in  
> buffer).

If you need the packets to have, as their time stamps, the times when 
the packets are received by the network adapter, enabling a direct dump 
to disk won't help.  The time stamping would be done at the same time 
it's done when you're not directly dumping to disk, so the time stamps 
wouldn't be any different.

To do that, you would probably need to write your own driver for the 
network adapter, and have it time-stamp the packets, and write your own 
code to use that driver, rather than using WinPcap.  That will not be easy.

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