[Winpcap-users] after 32 loops pcap_findalldevs() starts returning0 adapters. Why?

Test santosh.payasi at bytechindia.com
Thu May 11 09:37:21 GMT 2006

Hi Friend,

Thanx for u r quick response.

elaburate what you mean to say.

The reason why we have put continue after each pcap_freealldevs is that in case of any error it will go back to fetching the device list.


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  I'm not sure but I think the code logic is wrong. I would recommend you to put pcap_freealldevs(allDevs); 
  call before each continue statement.

  Test wrote: 
    Hi All, 

    We are using WinPcap 3.0 to create an application, the problem wwhich we are encountering is after 32 loops pcap_findalldevs() starts returning 0 adapters.

    We are simply counting the available adapters after 1/2 seconds . Following is the code which we are using.Kindly advise why after approx 32 loops it starts returning 0 adapters.


Best regards. Vasily Borovyak <vbor at isd.dp.ua>


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