[Winpcap-users] ANNOUNCE: WinPcap 4.0 beta2 has been released

george s lockwood gslockwood at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 17:04:33 GMT 2006


What is the latest or the up and coming thoughts about a Vista product...one
that adheres to all the new security (and other) restrictions and ways of
software operation??


When is the projected or expected date when 4.0 will go from beta to

Thanks so much,


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Subject: [Winpcap-users] ANNOUNCE: WinPcap 4.0 beta2 has been released

WinPcap 4.0 beta2 is available as of today in the download section of 
the WinPcap website, http://www.winpcap.org/install/.

This release fixes a bug in the capture driver that could cause a 
system crash when setting a new filter or changing the kernel buffer size. 
This build also includes the official version of libpcap v0.9.5 available
on the tcpdump website.  

Being a beta release, as usual we encourage people to test it and 
report any anomaly or strange behavior to the WinPcap mailing lists. 
The complete change log is attached at the end of this message.

Gianluca Varenni
WinPcap Team


- wpcap.dll has been updated to libpcap 0.9.5 from http://www.tcpdump.org.
- Bug fixing:
  + Fixed a synchronization problem when accessing the BPF filter and 
    the kernel buffer in the npf.sys kernel driver. Instead of using some
    custom made synchronization code, the standard Windows spinlocks are 
- Added support for AirPcap adapters.


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