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> Thanks GV,
>> 2. Is pcap_open_live supported on XP and Vista?
>> --GV--
>> Yes. Are you encountering problems with this API?
> No , I just misunderstood that from the doc.
> Can I use pcap_loop in a secondary thread?

Yes. Just be very careful not to touch the pcap_t handle from two threads 
concurrently. Why do you want to open a pcap_t handle on a thread and read 
the packets on another one?

What about the callback handle, I
> believe it would belong to the same thread.

The callback function is called in the same thread as pcap_loop. It's 
actually called internally by pcap_loop itself.

> Is it common in Windows programming?

Uhm... there are Win32 apis that work in the same way. I don't know if it's 
common practice. Personally I don't like pcap_loop and pcap_dispatch at all, 
as they don't give me an easy method to stop the capture. I usually strongly 
suggest to use pcap_next_ex to receive packets.

Have a nice day

> Regards
> I. lesher
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