[Winpcap-users] Multiple use of pcap_open

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Subject: [Winpcap-users] Multiple use of pcap_open

> Can I run "pcap_open" on the same
> interface card in my 2 distinct threads?


> In one thread I'd like to sniff the interface card for incoming/outgoing
> packets, while on the other thread I'd like to send packets.
> If positive, is there any need for coordination between them?

No. You can call the pcap function on different pcap handles (pcap_t) from 
different threads i.e. each thread dealing with its own pcap_t handle 
without any synchronization. There's only one function that should be 
protected because it's not thread safe, pcap_compile().
If you are calling this function from multiple threads at the same time, 
please protect with some code like


Remember to initialize the critical section at the beginning of your 

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