[Winpcap-users] Capturing packets

DaDrivel DaDrivel at gmx.de
Thu Jun 28 15:14:28 GMT 2007

Hi at All!

First of all, I have to say, that I've just started to work with WinPcap, so 
I'm not known to this topic, and my English isn't very good, as you can see 
I'm working through the WinPcap tutorial at the moment, and when I started 
the programm, that shall capture packets on a certain device, I recongnized 
that no packets are captured.
The device, I've chosen, is my WLAN-Adapter, over which my internet 
connection is running, so programms like Skype must have caused a lot of 
trafiic, that had to be captured.
So I read through the FAQ and checked, if any VPN-Client is running on my 
machine. I discovered Hamachi an uninstalled it.
But this didn't effect anything, so I'm asking you, if you ever had a 
similar problem.

Thank you, for helping me!


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