[Winpcap-users] 1Gbit/s point-to-point Ethernet

Troy Pierce mqx at low-axs.net
Thu Mar 1 16:58:50 GMT 2007

Hi thorin,

(If you have not already...)
Try using the window function pcap_sendqueue_xxx().
They should speed up things alot.

- allocate as much memory as you need for you queue with 
pcap_sendqueue_alloc( bytes )
- fill the allocated memory with your packet-data using 
- send the queue using pcap_sendqueue_transmit(pcap_t,queue,0)

If i remember right there are some memory allocation limits..


thorin at jinr.ru schrieb:
> Hello there,
> It’s my first experience with WinPCap. I’m working with some data
> acquisition tool now. It means that I need a high speed connection
> in one direction (from DAQ board to my PC) at least 100MB/sec to
> receive data. Point-to-point interface, that using only Ethernet
> frames data (without TCP/IP etc).
> With using WinPCap (WinXP) examples and two PC’s with 1Gbit network
> cards I tried to emulate this process. So I modify “sendpack” to send
> several Ethernet frames of 9 Kbytes long (D-Link 530T driver allow this)
> from one PC to another. The second PC is used to receive data (as I need).
> So, all looks fine, I successfully send and receive 9K frames, but I reach
> only 43-46 MB/s instead of expected 1Gbit-s (?!!).
> Now I am working without data dumping. I only got statistics at this
> moment. In the further I should only receive data from DAQ board and
> write it to RAM.
> May be I should set my network adapter in half-duplex. Does WinPCap to
> provide this mode?
> Could I reach 1Gbit/s using Ethernet frames with WinPCap in principle?
> Thanks
> Ilya
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