[Winpcap-users] I use the winpcap 4.0 in vista has a terrible BUG!!

阿靖 norman.peng2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 03:42:43 GMT 2007

 Dear development team:

I am a user of winpcap, now I install winpcap4.0 in Vista Ultimate.

I use wireless adapter:  DWA-110 USB Adapter.

the wireless adapter driver version: NDIS6.0

I download winpcap4.0 Developer's pack and I rebuild the iflist project with
VC++ 6.0.(No error, No warnning).

I use NDIS6.0 driver for this wireless adapter.

I exeute iflist.exe. It's appear a error -->  the description of this
adapter is catch Error, but the instanceID is OK.

The Adapter's description will show "microsoft".(It's wrong)

When I use NDIS5.x Driver for this adapter, the iflist.exe work properly.

Is the packet.dll not for NDIS6.0 driver??
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