[Winpcap-users] "unresolved external symbol"

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Tue Mar 13 11:02:15 GMT 2007

Samuel Voiron wrote:
> Here's exactly what I did : In the Tools/Option menu, on the left, I
> chosse "Projects and Solutions" (sorry my Visual is in french so I 
> merely translate) and "VC++ Directories".

Directories isn't what you want.  (Don't get me wrong: it is needed.
It's just not sufficient.)  You want to add a specific .lib *file* to
the link as well (wpcap.lib).

Try something named "Libraries" or "Files to link" or something like
that (I've only rarely used VC++, and I don't remember how its UI is set
up).  It'll probably show e.g. comctl32.lib, advapi32.lib, kernel32.lib,
etc. already; add wpcap.lib to the list.

> In the "Display Directories for" menu on the upper-right, I choose 
> "Include Files" and add a new line by selecting the Include directory
> of the WinPcap Pack directory. I then do the same for "Librairy 
> files" in the upper-right menu, selecting the WinPcap/Lib directory 
> and adding it in a new line.

Yes, this just added the directory to the linker search path.  It did
*not* specifically ask the linker to link against wpcap.lib, which is
what you need to do.

I don't know where in the UI that's set, but if you know gcc, what
you've done is the equivalent of gcc's -L option.  You need to use the
equivalent of gcc's -l option also.

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