[Winpcap-users] accept() returns 0

Jonathan Hunt jgwehunt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 11:03:49 GMT 2007

Hi everyone

I apologise for asking a non-WinPcap question, but I've got what  
looks like a really odd bug in a  Windows XP TCP server which I'm  
currently writing (don't worry, the client uses WinPcap!).

Basically, I'm calling accept() on a listening socket, it appears to  
be working but it's returning 0...i.e. a socket descriptor equal to  
0, which recv() doesn't like at all - it gives me a 10038 error,  
meaning invalid socket!

https://jonnyh.ath.cx/tapserver/TAPserver.cpp (about line 185 is  
where it goes wrong, please ignore the rest as 98% of the file is not  

If anyone has any advice on the matter, I'd really appreciate it, as  
I'm quite stuck!



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