[Winpcap-users] Nmap & Windows Vista : crash

Cédric Canitrot cedric.canitrot at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 21:37:07 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use the latest nmap version (4.21 alpha 4) on Windows 
Vista Business. I have the latest Winpcap version (4.0) installed.
When I try to start nmap, for example nmap scanme.nmap.org, Nmap shows 
this line "Starting Nmap 4.21ALPHA4 ( http://insecure.org ) at 
2007-03-22 22:09 Paris, Madrid" and then crash with the Windows message 
"nmap.exe a cessé de fonctionner" (in french sorry).

Here are the details from the event viewer :

Application défaillante nmap.exe, version, horodatage 
0x4600c077, module défaillant nmap.exe, version, horodatage 
0x4600c077, code d’exception 0xc0000005, décalage d’erreur 0x000a0287, 
ID du processus 0x12b8, heure de début de l’application 0x01c76cc7557c84f4.

I think it comes from Winpcap. While Winpcap is installed a command such 
as nmap scanme.nmap.org make nmap.exe crash whereas when Winpcap is not 
installed this command works. It's very simple command, more advanced 
commands needs Winpcap to work, that's why I need it to work.

I've verified if the NPF service is started and it is. I've installed 
Winpcap as an administrator, I have UAC disabled, I've tried to run nmap 
as an admin... I don't know what else to do !

In advance thanks for your help.


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