[Winpcap-users] Question about operation of pcap_next_ex () in non-blocking mode...

Samir Sawhney samsaw7 at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 09:00:29 GMT 2007

    I am using the winpcap 4.0 library to send and receive 
    TCP/IP packets to/from a demo application running on a 
    Windows 2000/XP computer.
    From an earlier post, I learnt that setting the 
    'read_timeout' parameter of pcap_open () to -1 causes 
    pcap_next_ex () to exhibit non-blocking behavior.
    In such a (non-blocking) configuration, what are the 
    parameters that determine when packets are copied out from 
    the kernel buffers into the user buffers (where they can be 
    retrieved via the pcap_next_ex () call)?  Is the 
    pcap_setmintocopy () call still relevant in such a (non-
    blocking) configuration?  What role does the 
    PCAP_OPENFLAG_MAX_RESPONSIVENESS flag (specified in the 
    'flags' parameter in the call to pcap_open ()) play?
    Also, one of the papers at this site talks about an API
    call to set the size of the user buffer.  However, I
    wasn't able to   find any such function in the WinPcap
    documentation.  Can you please point me to the relevant
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