[Winpcap-users] Technical 802.11 question - winpcap related

Steighton_Haley at McAfee.com Steighton_Haley at McAfee.com
Wed May 9 16:55:18 GMT 2007

My guess would be the fact your trouble is coming from the fact that the
packet is going out over the wireless interface.  The NIC driver does
encapsulation and de-encapsulation between standard ethernet framing,
and 802.11 framing.  It's just a guess, but the wireless driver is
ignoring your 'invalid' MAC address when encapsulating packets between
Ethernet_II and 802.11 framing.
I know of no API which would allow you to directly craft 802.11 packets.

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	Hi , 
	   I have the folowing question trubling me and i cant seem to
find an answer for it:
	 I was able to inject packets to my wireless network using
winpcap llibrary and some C source code i wrote under cygwin.
	 my problem is that i could not change my MAC address in the
packets i send, technically speaking all i do is make a "frame format"
buffer , i put 
	 the correct values in it and then i send it over the wireless
	 when i put another MAC ADDRESS insted of my real MAC address ,
the packet will be ignored by the AP ( i guess ).
	 what i am trying to understand:
	 1. the buffer i provide is basically like an ethernet frame
format.  I do not try to control the 802.11 frame format. ( i dont know
how to take control over it  with the current API ). Is there something
in the 802.11 frame header that will cause my 
	"crafted" packets to be ignored when i fake my mac address ?
	 2. anyone knows of an API that will give me control on the
802.11 frame header ?
	 thanks , 


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