[Winpcap-users] mirroring Ethernet frames

Ioan Popescu ipopescu at dataq.com
Mon May 21 15:50:32 GMT 2007

Seifert Johannes wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> I think you didn't ge me right. I wan't to mirror (sending exactly the recived frames again) all recived Frames with an fixed Ethertype. I can filter outh these frames with the filter: "ether proto 0x88A4".
> But to avoid reciving the same frame again after sending, I need a filter that only get the Frames from "outside".
> Basically i need a funtion like "pcap_setmode(adhandle,PCAP_D_IN)", but i seems that this function isn't implemented anymore.
> Regards,
> Johannes

Your application seems to be acting like a repeater (maybe for a signal
booster or something). Have you tried the PCAP_OPENFLAG_NOCAPTURE_LOCAL flag
for pcap_open()?

Docs at:

It's supposed to *not* capture traffic you generate. I can't say for sure
how it interacts with promiscuous mode. Maybe someone else knows.

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