[Winpcap-users] Receive stops with Winpcap 3.1

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  Subject: [Winpcap-users] Receive stops with Winpcap 3.1

  Our application is to read "raw" (layer 2 type) Ethernet packets being transmitted from proprietary hardware to the host computer.  We are using Winpcap 3.1. The code used to initialize is given below:

   if ((adhandle[i-1]= pcap_open_live(d->name, // name of the device
          65536,   // portion of the packet to capture. 
             // 65536 grants that the whole packet will be captured on all the MACs.
          1,    // promiscuous mode (nonzero means promiscuous)
          10,   // read timeout
          errbuf   // error buffer
          )) == NULL)
    MessageBox(NULL,"Unable to open the adapter","d->name",MB_OK);
    /* Free the device list */
    return Errorcode;

   /*****Sets the Kernel buffer to 512000 bytes*****/ 

   if(pcap_setbuff(adhandle[i-1],512000) ==-1)    {
    MessageBox(NULL,"Error in pcap_setbuff","d->name",MB_OK);
    return Errorcode;

   /*****Sets the filter to accept only broadcast packets *****/
   if (mode == 1 )//broadcast mode

    if(pcap_compile(adhandle[i-1], &fcode, "ether broadcast", 1, 0xffffff) < 0)
     return Errorcode;

    //set the filter
    if(pcap_setfilter(adhandle[i-1], &fcode)<0)
     return Errorcode;

  pcap_next_ex is used to read packets.

  The program works for 10-12 days and then it seems that receive operation stops. Once the program is closed and started again, everything is OK.

  Is there a possibility that recive stops when kernel buffer reaches the end ?

Uhm... no. Do you know the number of packets that got received before the receive stops? I just need an estimate.



  Lancy Thomas

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