[Winpcap-users] pikachu image sniffer

himanshu singh angular.velocity at gmail.com
Wed May 30 23:19:29 GMT 2007


I just released an updated version of pikachu image sniffer. Pikachu Image
Sniffer is an easy to use network analyzer that's designed to sniff images
  from your network. This is a great tool for system admin who want to
monitor images flowing through there networks.

Pikachu Image sniffer can capture images from your local network
( currently GIF and JPEG format are supported ). Pikachu will store the
images in separate folders for each user, so that you can easily browse
images viewed by a particular person.

It seems that there's a broken link to pikachu image sniffer on this page:


The new link is:


direct link to file: http://kushinara.com/files/pikachu.zip

I hope you will find this small utility useful :-)

Your's truly,
Himanshu Singh

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