[Winpcap-users] How to compile and link my own C/C++ file to compiled wpcap.dll

Varuna De Silva varunax at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 05:45:12 GMT 2007


Thanks for the help so far, I really appreciate it, cause I am no expert of
Visual Studio.

I tried to compile the Sample programs given in the winpcap developers
pack. There was this been given to when tried to compile basic_dump.c

Error    1    fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'LIBCD.lib'

I tried to build all but the same message. But I was able to compile every
sample and it worked fine.

Now to compile this we require the libraries to be in the Lib folder of the
developers pack. But as I compile wpcap.dll from the source the library
files that
are generated (wpcap.lib and packet.lib) is in the winpcap folder. I need to
it since I have to add support to our device in pcap-W32.c and have our own
pcap-???.c in which we have a ???_pcap_open_live() function in it .

Now I want to write my own c/c++ code and make use of the wpcap.dll, That is

to set the device names and this will be my main program. Where should I
this file. and how can I make use of the newly compiled wpcap.dll in my
(In other words how can i make use of the newly generated lib files)

Shall I create project with all the other samples and copy paste the newly
generated libraries, if not kindly guide me to a much professional approach.

Thanks alot

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