[Winpcap-users] WinPCap on Vista

Ioan Popescu ipopescu at dataq.com
Thu Sep 13 15:33:51 GMT 2007

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> If the problem is starting the driver, then only the first program to
> talk to wpcap.dll would need to be elevated, and starting the driver at
> boot time (which the current Wireshark setups should give the option to
> do) would be a workaround.  If the problem is talking to the driver via
> its device, then any program that uses wpcap.dll at any point would need
> to be run in elevated mode.

Starting the driver is not a problem, the "NPF service" can be set to start
automatically on boot (I do this on XP for convenience).

Not sure about that second option. There are many applications that talk to
drivers (web cam, printers, etc.). How do they get around this issue?

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